Saturday, September 7, 2013

Part 3 Knowing Him

In Part 1, I mentioned that, “an intimate relationship like a father to a son, is more powerful than the relationship between a master and a servant”. God desires more than just earthlings to work for Him. He desires intimate relationship. One of the meanings of the word “worship” is to “kiss toward”.  Worship is an affectionate response to a loving God.

Upon returning, the prodigal son told his father that he’d be content to be a servant.  He knew at least his dad’s servants ate well. This young man was probably shocked at his father’s response. “Kill the fatted calf! Celebrate! My son is back!”  The father of the prodigal son extended grace. Moreover, his father reminded him of his identity as a son and rejected his offer to be treated like a servant.  No matter what his son had done, their relationship had not changed.

Doug, who has just finished his new bible study series called Great Detective Bible Studies, commented to me:

 “I thought it was very astonishing what Jesus told Mary before he ascended into Heaven. 'I go to my Father and your Father. To My God and your God.'” Even Jesus wanted to use the title of parental relationship before using the term God. Father first! 
Before The Beginning, Chapter Three

I believe that Jesus used this parable as a picture of the heart of God, the Father towards all of us: those who have chosen to receive redemption and those who have not yet chosen. Additionally, the Father says to the not-yet-redeemed: “Satan and sin took you from Me. I sent My Son, Jesus, on a rescue mission. His mission was to pave a way for you to return to Me, your Father and your Creator.

One of my favorite quotes is from a book called, "Come To Papa" by Gary Wiens. Don't you love that title?

"I am your glory; I am the One who defines you, and the One who imparts to you all your significance.  If you will come to Me, I will lift your head again, I will raise your eyes from that bent position.  I will cause you to gaze upon Me, the One able to save you and restore you into being the person I created you to be."  p. 22  "Come to Papa" by Gary Wiens