Monday, January 26, 2015

Accused or Excused? Book 2 of God On Trial Series

Have you ever started watching a murder mystery in the middle of the program?  Trying to determine what’s going on can be so confusing especially if you turn it on during a fight scene. You can’t tell who is the good guy or the bad guy. Perhaps you overheard a short conversation between characters before turning to watch the fight scene. You can end up having to choose a side based on a snippet of a conversation.  Depending on the characterization, you can end feeling sorry for the bad guy.  

What if you become glad that a feature character got hurt, not realizing that it was the good guy. Your friends might look at you oddly and say, “Why are you so excited?  That was the good guy!”  If you become really engrossed without knowing the back story, then your emotions will be mixed up.  

If you are like me, you’ll ask your companions to press pause and explain what you missed or you'll just leave and decide to watch it another time from the beginning.

Becoming a Christian or opening up the Bible is very similar to walking into a movie in the middle of a scene.  Many people come to church and hear brief snippets about God such as “God loves you! God wants the best for you!  Come to Jesus! God is all powerful! He will take care of you!” However, when you look around or watch the news, all you see is destruction and heart ache.  Any reasonable person would have to question the statements about God.  I would!  In fact, I did. This is why I chose to write these books. 
If I had to give the one minute version of the history of Christianity, this is how it would read:  God made the world and everybody in it.  God made them perfect.  The man and the woman disobeyed God.  “Sin” entered the world.  People began to do bad things on a regular basis.  To save Mankind, God sent His Son into this world. The Son of God was named Jesus. He became a man and gave up his God powers temporarily. He was falsely accused by His own people. He was brutally beaten and tortured and killed. He rose again from the dead. Because of His death, God is “allowed” to forgive sins now. Those who believe these facts become “born again or saved”.  We die and go to a place called Heaven. Heaven is God’s home.  The end.
Come on. Seriously! Reasonable people are expected to believe this?  First of all, if God is all powerful, then why in the world wouldn’t he just obliterate sin?  Who is going to tell Him, “No, you can’t do that?”.  Why wouldn’t he just obliterate people that opposed him? He’s God, for goodness sakes!!!  It appears that this Christian God doesn’t use his power very well. Who could possibly make the decision to allow his son to be killed by torture, to save bad people? Why did God make this decision? 
Wow!  If I were God, I’m not sure I would have decided that my son would ever die for anyone.  Let’s think about this. God makes the rules and he decided that the death of his son had to be a part of the rules. Any reasonable person would have to ask why. 
Suffice to say, this Christian religion is not the easiest to accept logically. Now I can see why faith is so important. Stay tuned for more.

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