Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall into Books: Sales


Clean Indie Reads, the home of Flinch-Free Fiction, is having a Fall Sale
October 5 thru October 10!

Check out each author's sale items below by clicking on their name.

To celebrate, we are having a blog hop where you can learn more about  our authors and their books.

Our bloggers will also be answering the question:

Do the changing seasons influence your writing and/or choice of books to read?

Readers, We'd love you to join this discussion! Feel free to comment on any blog.

From Author Tina Webb:
Hot spiced cider simmers on the stove. I lean against the wall and yawn, still trying to brush off the morning grog. Outside my kitchen window, a few yellow leaves fall to their final resting place on the ground. Autumn is full of color and smells, varying temperatures and delightfully warm desserts. Inspiration comes easily when my senses are fully stimulated. 

While summer is busy with kid activities and DIY projects, autumn provides me a canvas on which my schedule is fixed and therefore time to write comes more easily.

As far as my reading list, it is determined by the books that our home school curriculum has on the syllabus. This year I'm teaching American Literature. The Legend of Sleep Hollow will be followed by short stories by Edgar Allen Poe for this month.

While I love summer - beaches, day trips, and watermelon, there is nothing like snuggling in a fleece blanket while classical or jazz music plays quietly in the background, as the cider simmers and a compelling plot lies at my fingertips.

Thanks for visiting the Clean Indie Reads Blog Hop. Below you will find my featured item as well as links to the other sites on this blog tour. Some authors are offering free giveaways. We appreciate your interest! Book reviews are always very appreciated.
Enjoy your Fall! -Tina


Readers enter the realm of pre-Adamic Earth -- its unblemished natural splendor, magnificently constructed edifices and its first tenants, celestial beings commissioned by Abba, the Creator to develop this wondrous world. Time is taken to paint such a utopian world. The reader must understand the enormity of what is stolen in order to grieve with the friends that are betrayed and the God who is forsaken. Ironically Daystar’s insecure thoughts are easily empathized with, but when the brutality of sin mutilates the innocent and destroys now-tainted Earth, we solemnly applaud Abba’s fiery anger in the face of evil.
As the book concludes, the evacuation of those who remain loyal to Abba and the brutal destruction of beautiful Earth shouts defeat until Abba announces a plan.

“It's a wondrous world you've constructed, w/ the visuals woven in like they are characters” 

 "An excellent book!" "I've not read anything like it before!"

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Paperback only $6.99 on Amazon

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