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“It's a wondrous world you've constructed"

"You are an excellent story teller."

"will spark the interest of many young people" 

"amazingly descriptive of creation, love and perfection" 

"What a fun fanciful fantasy filled with artistic license. There is just enough reality interjected to make the whole scenario remotely plausible. Great use of imaginative names and sequence of events. "

Amazon Review: "I was very much impressed with this debut novella and the story that flowed like a swiftly rushing river. On an intellectual level, I was impressed with the skillful execution of pacing and story telling. On an emotional level, I loved the vivid images Webb's words evoked in my mind. On a spiritual level, I was impressed with the realities of Abba's love, a love that always hopes, always trusts, always preserves, and always protects."

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These brief inspirational verses and passages are great for life coaches, ministers, social media, public speakers,  and the person who enjoys times of contemplation and prayer.

This beautifully written and illustrated devotional features thought-provoking phrases and inspirational passages about God, life and culture. The word "selah" means: to pause and think about. Many phrases are short enough to quote in social media. Longer passages facilitate times of prayer and personal reflection. This is a refreshing read for the person who likes to contemplate life through the lens of the Bible. It is a great topic starter for personal or group Bible study.

Excerpts from the month of January

We yearn to trust implicitly. We crave the security in knowing that someone loves us enough never to hurt us. That someone is God. (Psalm 143:10)

Accusations from the enemy are like gnats. You swipe one away to find another one in your face.

The gospel reminds me that He wants me healed, not hindered; encouraged, not condemned; positioned to abound, not crippled by needs; overflowing with vision, not encumbered by blindness. (Isaiah 52:7)

Love invests with no guarantee of a ROI. (Return On Investment)

Abba does not want us to hide like Adam, but rather run to Him, undone like David. He wants us to be restored and encouraged like the Apostle Peter after denying Jesus. He wants us to daily encounter Him like John, who rested his head on Jesus’ breast.

Without motivation, dreams remain impossibilities. (Proverbs 12:27)

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Many Christians will say that “God is good all the time”. In the same breath they will say that God is the One who causes many tragedies. Doug Webb takes a look at these allegations to see if they are accurate. He gives alternative reasons for why tragedies and hardships occur.

Reviews:  "What a great read! It grabs your attention with thought provoking questions and does not let go! Even at the end you want it to continue. Unlike some books with lots of scripture references, it does not become boring, it just continues to draw you in."

"I've always wanted to read a book like this one, and this one hit right on the mark. There were so many necessary truths about God that had been buried in my heart under a mountain of pain and disappointment, and this book reminded me of those truths. I encourage you to put on your detective cap and journey through some questions you may have asked in the secret place of your heart."