Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Excerpt from Before The Beginning

Writing the action scenes in my book was somewhat daunting, but fun.  Here is one of my favorites:

“Atara!” He shouted as he landed in her office to find it vacant. Casually he levitated to the roof of the Kodesh to look around the city to see if he could spot her.  As he was doing his 360 degree turn, he saw another light speeding towards the Kodesh. He stood very still. He knew this light. It was Adi.

Frowning with resentment stewing within him, he decided to meet her before she even got to the Kodesh.

On the ground, what looked like a lightning strike was really Adi using her soft wings to brake too quickly, and the vibration propelled a current towards Helel that was so fast that he tumbled a bit in the air.

“What are you doing!?” He shouted angrily. “You mediocre love-slave! How dare you try to attack me? Must I handle you as I did your Madin?” By this time they were several feet away from each other and he reached his hand forward to grab her.

Adi was caught off guard by the attempted assault, but lithe and quick, she dodged Helel’s hand.

“Helel, that was an accident. I have no desire to confront you right now. I have come to see Atara. I did not expect to see your light and was only caught off guard. Temper yourself and let me by!”

Helel smiled as arrogance and the knowledge of his coup of her managers rose to the forefront of his mind.

“Are you coming to get a job here? Has Michael tossed you to the wind? Is your ineptitude as a governor now so visible, that you must come to your sister and beg for work?” He laughed.
Birds careened near them as they floated high above the city.

“What are you talking about?! In fact, I do not want to know. Let me by! I am going to see Atara!” Adi attempted to dodge left.

“Atara is not here. What do you want to see her about?” He faced her again.

“It’s no business of yours!”

Helel squinted his eyes which now flamed red at the abrupt disregard of his position. “Do you know who I am?”

Adi was silent. She did not like the look in Helel’s eyes and she was not prepared for any debate about authority with him. Emmanuel’s words crept into her mind, but she concluded that this was not the time to be gentle with her unrepentant leader.

“Helel, please let me by. I will not be long and then you can tend to your business.”

“Your business is my business.”

“Helel…come on, I am sent here by Emmanuel Himself!”

Upon hearing that, Helel fell backwards in the air a few feet, stunned. “What does Emmanuel want with Atara?”

“Go and ask Emmanuel yourself!”

Feelings of betrayal heaved deep within. “Why is He sending you? Why have I not been sought?”

Adi blinked in disbelief. From what Emmanuel told them…she knew that Helel was leaning away from Abba, but she had no idea that his thoughts and reasoning did not even make sense.

She stuttered. ”Helel…you, you told Him that you forsook Him!”

Helel Ben Shachar blinked. It was as if his self-proclaimed verdict was heard by his ears for the first time. Something settled within him. But he could not let Adi get to Atara. She was his only friend now.

“Go. Go back to Luz. I am still Highest Governor of Earth, am I not? Did he tell you that he has taken away my position? No. Then Atara is still under my leadership. And therefore,” He clenched his fists, “so are you!”

For the first time in her existence, Adi felt fear. It hurdled itself upon her. Not knowing what to do, she turned and sped back to Luz…back to safety.

Satisfied, Helel knew he had to act quickly. He had no idea what Emmanuel had informed and instructed. But if he was going to maintain control of Earth, he had to get as many tenants on his side as possible.