Monday, September 30, 2013


Most of us yearn to discover our destiny, the purpose of our existence, or how we are to leave our stamp on world history. Some go to college and find this in a career. Some discover this in ministry work. Yet countless others are shortchanged by circumstances and lack of vision, and end up incarcerated, controlled by life-destroying substances or simply a slave to economic systems.

For most of the world, destiny is defined by our deeds, culture or profession. This is okay to some degree. Our mindset is, as long as we believe that we have “realized” our earthly purpose, one day we can die in contentment. The sad part is that many die in discontentment. Their physical needs may have been met, their souls may have been satisfied, but their spirits yearned for more. These folks died without discovering their eternal purpose: to intimately know God, through Jesus Christ.

I find that our reaction to that last statement depends on our view of God. Some view God as distant, stoic, and mean. Spending eternity with this God would be hell in heaven! If you are like me and my husband Doug, whose family bible study inspired my book, Before the Beginning, you see God differently.

Chapter Three introduces the reader to the God I serve. On the Cross, Jesus called Him, Abba. Here is an excerpt:
The brilliant streak flashed before the Eyes. Reflected in the Eyes of God was every quark and atom in each galaxy. Like a giant microscope and faster than the speed of light, the Eyes fastened onto the streak and glistened with recognition. Widening with joy, the Eyes warmly welcome this son with glowing tenderness. “My son…”  The Voice of God vibrated with layers of emotion… Abba engulfed Daystar in His embrace. Daystar cherished the privilege of being His child, grasping his significance, acceptance and affirmation from the One who gave him life.

I became born again because of a fear of hell. I knew God loved me, but I believed that he disapproved of my actions more than he approved of me. A prayer ministry first introduced me to this God who is mostly glad, not mostly mad. The Song of Solomon introduced me to a God who sought after His Bride for the purpose of intimacy and enjoyment. Various Psalms showed me a God who punished His enemies but protected His kids. Finally, the Gospels revealed a God who, had a rescue plan for sinful man, and implemented this plan Himself.  Jesus Christ was a Man on a mission: to seek and save the lost from the power of sin and the consequence of eternal separation from Him. 

Is there another side of this God? To those that reject Him, yes. Chapter Fourteen in my debut novel reveals the reason and the birth of God’s justice and righteous anger. However, if you are a King’s kid, if you are redeemed, you can rest with no fear in His unearned grace. Abba wants us not to hide like Adam, but to run to Him undone like David, be restored and encouraged like the Apostle Peter, and to daily encounter Him like John, who rested his head on Jesus’ breast. Abba wants us to realize that our eternal destiny, the purpose to our existence is not a deed, but a most joyous, fulfilling, and life-giving relationship with Him.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brother vs. Brother.

The story of Cain and Abel was not the first of its kind in the chronicles of eternity.  The angelic realm experienced a familial breach before Adam was created.  When Lucifer turned against God and convinced one-third of all angels to turn against God, the crisis of “brother against brother” was introduced.

What happened in heaven?  We know that Lucifer pitted himself against God. Deluded, he thought he could be like God. He tried. He recruited one-third of his brothers to be a part of his kingdom.  What would have made these other angels agree to antagonize their brothers?

The problem of disunity is ancient; birthed before Eden. It occurs even among Christians, who, too often, listen to and agree with the accuser. Galatians 3:28 says "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free..." Historically, there has been too much division based on race and economics, among other things. We are all brothers of the same Heavenly Father. What can Christians do to rectify this crisis of brother against brother?

T. Webb, Author of Before The
We can receive a greater understanding of Love. God is Love. Love forgives. Love chooses to forget. (Hebrews 8:12) Love extends grace and mercy to the offender. Love invests with no guarantee of a ROI (Return On Investment). The love of God is in our hearts, so we must guard our minds from thoughts that breed antagonism towards one another. Easy? Hmmm. It will take effort. But done corporately, prejudices will diminish, fighting will lessen, and broken relationships will decrease. John 13:35: By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Perseverance is a theme of my life lately. Although God gives me inspiration for a plot, sometimes the details of "the story" don't come easily. As a songwriter, I've learned not to force creativity and ideas. When I do, the results end up in the trash icon on my desktop. Sometimes, it is a struggle getting the creative juices to flow. Sometimes, I struggle in the pursuit of a God-given vision.

There is value in struggle. There is joy to be discovered in hardship. Natural childbirth taught me this lesson. When there was a lull and my body grew weary, I had to focus on the little joy that I would hold when the labor was over. The joy in my hardship was realizing that Jesus was always with me. That truth helped me to persevere.

For the joy set before Him, Jesus endured the Cross. Jesus did it alone. Wow. I imagine that the joy set before Him helped Him persevere. We were the joy set before Him! (Heb 12:2)

In the Epilogue of my book, the plan of redemption is introduced. Due to the angelic rebellion, the Godhead discovered the pain of loss. One-third of angels were eternally damned. In the Garden of Gethsemane, He knew that the ramifications of giving up meant the eternal loss of more created beings. He persevered.

Perseverance means victory will ultimately occur. You will make it. Keep climbing. Keep pursuing. Keep waiting. He is with you.

Monday, September 16, 2013

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Before The Beginning Book Trailer

Excerpt from Before The Beginning

Writing the action scenes in my book was somewhat daunting, but fun.  Here is one of my favorites:

“Atara!” He shouted as he landed in her office to find it vacant. Casually he levitated to the roof of the Kodesh to look around the city to see if he could spot her.  As he was doing his 360 degree turn, he saw another light speeding towards the Kodesh. He stood very still. He knew this light. It was Adi.

Frowning with resentment stewing within him, he decided to meet her before she even got to the Kodesh.

On the ground, what looked like a lightning strike was really Adi using her soft wings to brake too quickly, and the vibration propelled a current towards Helel that was so fast that he tumbled a bit in the air.

“What are you doing!?” He shouted angrily. “You mediocre love-slave! How dare you try to attack me? Must I handle you as I did your Madin?” By this time they were several feet away from each other and he reached his hand forward to grab her.

Adi was caught off guard by the attempted assault, but lithe and quick, she dodged Helel’s hand.

“Helel, that was an accident. I have no desire to confront you right now. I have come to see Atara. I did not expect to see your light and was only caught off guard. Temper yourself and let me by!”

Helel smiled as arrogance and the knowledge of his coup of her managers rose to the forefront of his mind.

“Are you coming to get a job here? Has Michael tossed you to the wind? Is your ineptitude as a governor now so visible, that you must come to your sister and beg for work?” He laughed.
Birds careened near them as they floated high above the city.

“What are you talking about?! In fact, I do not want to know. Let me by! I am going to see Atara!” Adi attempted to dodge left.

“Atara is not here. What do you want to see her about?” He faced her again.

“It’s no business of yours!”

Helel squinted his eyes which now flamed red at the abrupt disregard of his position. “Do you know who I am?”

Adi was silent. She did not like the look in Helel’s eyes and she was not prepared for any debate about authority with him. Emmanuel’s words crept into her mind, but she concluded that this was not the time to be gentle with her unrepentant leader.

“Helel, please let me by. I will not be long and then you can tend to your business.”

“Your business is my business.”

“Helel…come on, I am sent here by Emmanuel Himself!”

Upon hearing that, Helel fell backwards in the air a few feet, stunned. “What does Emmanuel want with Atara?”

“Go and ask Emmanuel yourself!”

Feelings of betrayal heaved deep within. “Why is He sending you? Why have I not been sought?”

Adi blinked in disbelief. From what Emmanuel told them…she knew that Helel was leaning away from Abba, but she had no idea that his thoughts and reasoning did not even make sense.

She stuttered. ”Helel…you, you told Him that you forsook Him!”

Helel Ben Shachar blinked. It was as if his self-proclaimed verdict was heard by his ears for the first time. Something settled within him. But he could not let Adi get to Atara. She was his only friend now.

“Go. Go back to Luz. I am still Highest Governor of Earth, am I not? Did he tell you that he has taken away my position? No. Then Atara is still under my leadership. And therefore,” He clenched his fists, “so are you!”

For the first time in her existence, Adi felt fear. It hurdled itself upon her. Not knowing what to do, she turned and sped back to Luz…back to safety.

Satisfied, Helel knew he had to act quickly. He had no idea what Emmanuel had informed and instructed. But if he was going to maintain control of Earth, he had to get as many tenants on his side as possible.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Part 3 Knowing Him

In Part 1, I mentioned that, “an intimate relationship like a father to a son, is more powerful than the relationship between a master and a servant”. God desires more than just earthlings to work for Him. He desires intimate relationship. One of the meanings of the word “worship” is to “kiss toward”.  Worship is an affectionate response to a loving God.

Upon returning, the prodigal son told his father that he’d be content to be a servant.  He knew at least his dad’s servants ate well. This young man was probably shocked at his father’s response. “Kill the fatted calf! Celebrate! My son is back!”  The father of the prodigal son extended grace. Moreover, his father reminded him of his identity as a son and rejected his offer to be treated like a servant.  No matter what his son had done, their relationship had not changed.

Doug, who has just finished his new bible study series called Great Detective Bible Studies, commented to me:

 “I thought it was very astonishing what Jesus told Mary before he ascended into Heaven. 'I go to my Father and your Father. To My God and your God.'” Even Jesus wanted to use the title of parental relationship before using the term God. Father first! 
Before The Beginning, Chapter Three

I believe that Jesus used this parable as a picture of the heart of God, the Father towards all of us: those who have chosen to receive redemption and those who have not yet chosen. Additionally, the Father says to the not-yet-redeemed: “Satan and sin took you from Me. I sent My Son, Jesus, on a rescue mission. His mission was to pave a way for you to return to Me, your Father and your Creator.

One of my favorite quotes is from a book called, "Come To Papa" by Gary Wiens. Don't you love that title?

"I am your glory; I am the One who defines you, and the One who imparts to you all your significance.  If you will come to Me, I will lift your head again, I will raise your eyes from that bent position.  I will cause you to gaze upon Me, the One able to save you and restore you into being the person I created you to be."  p. 22  "Come to Papa" by Gary Wiens