Monday, September 30, 2013


Most of us yearn to discover our destiny, the purpose of our existence, or how we are to leave our stamp on world history. Some go to college and find this in a career. Some discover this in ministry work. Yet countless others are shortchanged by circumstances and lack of vision, and end up incarcerated, controlled by life-destroying substances or simply a slave to economic systems.

For most of the world, destiny is defined by our deeds, culture or profession. This is okay to some degree. Our mindset is, as long as we believe that we have “realized” our earthly purpose, one day we can die in contentment. The sad part is that many die in discontentment. Their physical needs may have been met, their souls may have been satisfied, but their spirits yearned for more. These folks died without discovering their eternal purpose: to intimately know God, through Jesus Christ.

I find that our reaction to that last statement depends on our view of God. Some view God as distant, stoic, and mean. Spending eternity with this God would be hell in heaven! If you are like me and my husband Doug, whose family bible study inspired my book, Before the Beginning, you see God differently.

Chapter Three introduces the reader to the God I serve. On the Cross, Jesus called Him, Abba. Here is an excerpt:
The brilliant streak flashed before the Eyes. Reflected in the Eyes of God was every quark and atom in each galaxy. Like a giant microscope and faster than the speed of light, the Eyes fastened onto the streak and glistened with recognition. Widening with joy, the Eyes warmly welcome this son with glowing tenderness. “My son…”  The Voice of God vibrated with layers of emotion… Abba engulfed Daystar in His embrace. Daystar cherished the privilege of being His child, grasping his significance, acceptance and affirmation from the One who gave him life.

I became born again because of a fear of hell. I knew God loved me, but I believed that he disapproved of my actions more than he approved of me. A prayer ministry first introduced me to this God who is mostly glad, not mostly mad. The Song of Solomon introduced me to a God who sought after His Bride for the purpose of intimacy and enjoyment. Various Psalms showed me a God who punished His enemies but protected His kids. Finally, the Gospels revealed a God who, had a rescue plan for sinful man, and implemented this plan Himself.  Jesus Christ was a Man on a mission: to seek and save the lost from the power of sin and the consequence of eternal separation from Him. 

Is there another side of this God? To those that reject Him, yes. Chapter Fourteen in my debut novel reveals the reason and the birth of God’s justice and righteous anger. However, if you are a King’s kid, if you are redeemed, you can rest with no fear in His unearned grace. Abba wants us not to hide like Adam, but to run to Him undone like David, be restored and encouraged like the Apostle Peter, and to daily encounter Him like John, who rested his head on Jesus’ breast. Abba wants us to realize that our eternal destiny, the purpose to our existence is not a deed, but a most joyous, fulfilling, and life-giving relationship with Him.