Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Site!

Good Morning!

Some of you have noticed changes to this blog. After about a four month break and much contemplation, I've decided to restructure this blog, originally titled BeforeTheBeginning. While that may have to remain the web address, I'm dedicating this blog to my upcoming book and my current blog series Ages and Stages. I'll feature articles on parenting styles, home schooling trends, advice for moms and dads they learn how to love well through the process of parenting.

"the process of learning how to love well is one of the most worthwhile missions that we can undertake"

Meanwhile, Doug and I are featuring our books on a new website, better suited for our vision. features books, bible studies, and blog articles for those who desire to understand God as a father. He is our heavenly Father, but many stay at arms length from him due to their primary perceptions of him as boss, stern God, or distant friend. We want our readers to know him the way Jesus knew him first, as Abba Father, dearest Daddy. Our heavenly Creator desires us to curl up into his bosom and find complete peace, security and rest. He sings over us. He loves us extravagantly.

So come and read.
Come and listen.
Come and watch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


June 23, 2015

It's been awhile. My house renovation is over. My second child graduated from college Summa Cum Laude. My five year old thinks he's fifteen and my youngest daughter gets her driver's license on Friday. Yeah! But.....

I have a friend who is fighting for her life. We are fighting for her life. She has six kids also....
My heart aches for their daily suffering but my faith rests in my Heavenly Daddy's power.

I didn't sleep well last night. My soul is yearning and my mind is stretching upwards to see and hear what the Father is doing and saying in so many situations on this topsy-turvy planet of His. The shootings in Charleston happened a week ago tomorrow.

Perspective. My lenses have been adjusted quite a few times in the last 90 days. Life is precious, worth fighting for and I realize that while we have breath, we must fasten ourselves to God's priorities for our lives. Biblical faith and family are His agenda. One guarantees a foundation that cannot be shaken, no matter what storm, what disease, or what murdering spree attacks our communities. The other is the building block of healthy communities, and in turn, a life-giving society. Death's defeat was secured by Jesus upon His resurrection, but yet, we see death's dance in the daily news over and over again.

Perspective. Whether we are in the last days according to Christian history or not, we need to have our faces set against ideologies and systems that seek to undermine individual faith and the jurisdiction of the family. 

My five year old son hasn't grasped his immaturity because his brilliant mind somehow comprehends the adult conversations that happen in his presence. Just yesterday he explained to my husband the definition of "figure of speech". So much for using idioms and coded language around him. In our perspective, he is a little boy. However, his perspective takes him beyond the evident, the natural, the societal tradition of exclusion for children. He is a little boy who operates in the security of relationship and acceptance to the extent that he has no expectation of being left out of mature dialogue. Perspective.

We need divine perspective these days. We need to see all life as valuable no matter the quality, the race, or the age. We need to yield our rational minds and live in the abandonment of child-like faith. We need to look up, beyond the disarray of this human experience and set our eyes on a kingdom that has no end, a kingdom whose ways transcend natural comprehension.

Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)