Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blog Posts on GraceNFaith4U

I have had the privilege of writing a few blog posts for http://graceandfaith4u.com/.  I’d like to share these posts with you.

In My Tear Stained Shoulder, I share my faith journey supporting my unmarried best friend who had waiting for “the one” for many years.

“Not long ago I sat on her couch, my arm around her shoulder, as she wept. The longing for marriage never left her. It only succumbed to temporary band-aids of divine longsuffering. My shoulder had been drenched with her tears many, many times. This time was no different. I sat and comforted her with my presence, my arm and my silence.

A month before this post, she met a guy and I’m happy to say that the wedding was Sept 5, 2014. http://graceandfaith4u.com/posts/my-tear-stained-shoulder-by-tina-webb-2/

My guest post, Light The Way, discusses our internal cry when life puts new situations and challenges before us and our fears beg us to retreat into our comfort zones.

“Although our fears beckon us to stay put in places or seasons of comfort and security, we have a divine mandate for progress. We must not sit idly allowing our souls to stagnate with the familiar. We are made to venture into the unknown”. 

The post features the single “Light The Way” by Calie Garrett and City Church Worship. Available on ITunes:    

My third post, Reflection: Would God Endorse My Books? highlights the challenge of Christian writers to allow the content of their work to be culturally relevant without compromising their God-centered conscience. In reality, when looking at the whole canon of Scripture, a writer realizes that:

 “The Bible has all sorts of stories with all sorts of ratings. However, they all have one thing in common- they reflect the opinion of God on a subject. Consider the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament. Paragraphs in this poetic book would make some of you blush. There are underlying meanings to certain passages that would be given an R rating according to our standards today.”

Survival: A Literary Theme and Present Day Reality presented the timely subject of survival in a global environment of war, pandemics, and economic instability. As a child and teenager I was always attracted to books whose characters struggled to either stay alive or not have their sense of purpose and identity stolen by a community that stressed conformity. Whether the setting is Europe during the Holocaust, the volatile Jim Crow South, or an island in the Caribbean, these books speak toour human need for death to be overcome by life, struggle to be overcome by victory, and weakness to be overcome by strength.

“…there is also a foreboding in my soul as I watch the news about Iraqi Christians, African children abandoned by mothers dying of Aids or taken by rampaging militants. Sometimes I quickly turn my ears when I hear people talk about food storage and emergency preparedness. Yet I remember 9-11 and the plots of my youth.

I hope you enjoy these articles. Please take time to read the other posts on http://graceandfaith4u.com/ by other wonderful writers.