Saturday, March 22, 2014

New books!

Hi friends,

There is a lot of writing, editing and planning going on in my house these days! First, you can read my last post of free excerpts of my current work-in-progress, No Road Too Long. I'm still working on cover concepts.  

I hope to have it released mid-summer 2014.

I decided to add scenes to my debut Christian speculative novelette, Before The Beginning and ended up changing the name and the title. I'd love to get comments on the new title and cover.  Release date will be mid to late April 2014.
Finally, my husband Doug is almost finished with the second book in The God On Trial series, God: Accused or Excused?  If you have yet to read his first book, "I Was Framed!" Signed, God, you can find free excerpts on the Great Detectives Bible Topics tab on this blog site.

My daughter Maria, who did the photography for my book, Selah: Daily Quotes for Daily Meditation is working on her new photography blog and Facebook page. She has already been hired for local freelance portraits.

 Thanks for your comments and feedback!