Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Book Deals!

Take time to curl up with a good book! 

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Our books are on sale through Dec. 7

SELAH: Daily Quotes for Daily Meditation, New devotional with thought-provoking quotes and passages. A great gift for the person who likes to contemplate life through the lens of the Bible. 


Through Kindle Matchbook, if you buy the paperback you'll get the ebook free!                                                                                             Keep one and give one as a gift.

Full of suspense and action, my fantasy fiction novella tells the story before Adam.     Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars!

Review snippets:  "A spiritual thriller!", "wonderful and fast paced novella", "skillful execution of pacing and story telling." "descriptive, active, and thought provoking"

The species of Homo sapiens created in Eden was unique….but not totally original. Heavenly beings resembling modern man had been created long before Adam, and some of them once lived on Earth. 

 Fear and violence destroy angelic beings who had only ever known peace and love. Helel names High Governess Atara the Queen of Heaven. Abba, the Creator, grieves. His eternal heart aches, then becomes angry. Anything that opposes His essence is named His enemy.   http://www.amazon.com/Before-The-Beginning-ebook/dp/B00EBUKVF4/  

Through Kindle Matchbook, if you buy the paperback you'll get the ebook free!  Keep one and give one as a gift.                                                   

 "I Was Framed!" Signed, God has received nothing but 5 star reviews. Read what some reviewers wrote:

"This sort of book is an important corrective to misuses of some cliches -- "God has His reasons" or "Everything happens for a reason" -- while digging into what's going on in these situations."

"What a great read! It grabs your attention with thought provoking questions and does not let go! Even at the end you want it to continue. Unlike some books with lots of scripture references, it does not become boring, it just continues to draw you in."

"I've always wanted to read a book like this one, and this one hit right on the mark. There were so many necessary truths about God that had been buried in my heart under a mountain of pain and disappointment, and this book reminded me of those truths. I encourage you to put on your detective cap and journey through some questions you may have asked in the secret place of your heart."   http://www.amazon.com/Was-Framed-Signed-Trial-Series-ebook/dp/B00FZ32CJE