Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free eBook on Amazon!

My novel is FREE Friday, Oct 11 through Tuesday Oct 15!

Before The Beginning ebook by T. Webb

This fantasy fiction novelette has receive only 5 star reviews!   Reviews have said: "A spiritual thriller!", "wonderful and fast paced novella", "skillful execution of pacing and story telling."

Does God pursue to punish or to protect? This fantasy fiction novelette illustrates the original intentions of God towards the instigator of the heavenly rebellion: Helel Ben Shachar.  God is Love. Helel refuses Love and damns himself.  Abba (God) laments. “Can the sadness of rejected affection ever leave the memory of the One rejected?”Relentless to protect the innocent ones, Abba births justice and banishes Helel from His presence for eternity.