Thursday, August 22, 2013

And God is...? Part 1 of Knowing Him

Who do you say that I Am?
In the bible study that inspired this book, Before The Beginning, we had to “selah” the relationship between Lucifer and God. Selah means to pause and ponder. The character named Helel Ben Shachar represents Lucifer. Abba means Father. The reason why I chose to call God, Abba, in the context of the plot, is explained below.

One day we will see God face to face. I see God the Father putting His hands on our cheeks and holding our faces right in front of His. In this place of intimacy it is easy to worship Him. Worship means “to kiss towards”. In my book, Helel saw Abba face to face, yet stopped worshiping Him.

1 Cor. 13:12b says, “but then I shall know just as I also am known”. This phrase made me pause, “I know God knows me, but how does God want to be known by me?” This question motivated me to try to focus on Abba when writing the book. I had to ponder the possibility that although Lucifer saw God face to face, he did not know God in the way that God wanted to be known.

In the book, Helel rebelled because although he was “perfect in beauty and full of wisdom”, he was denied the status of deity. When Abba affirmed him as a son, Helel rejected His words. Could it be that the real Lucifer knew God as Creator, but did not know him as Abba, which evokes a sense of endearment. Quite possibly. The relationship of a father to a son is more powerful than the relationship between a master and a servant. Lucifer may never have related to God as a father, even though God treated him as a son. I’ll restate this. Lucifer may not have known God as a father, as he was known to God, as a son.  

Have you known Christians who have lost their trust in God? Or seem joyless? I contend that one reason may be this: they were introduced to God as only Creator and Master and learned that to fear God means to be afraid of Him. Fear paralyzes. Jesus came to introduce us to the One He calls Abba. He wanted us to know our Creator as a Father, an intimate and loving parental figure, first and foremost. Lucifer saw God face to face and he fell. In my book, Michael saw God face to face and he remained loyal. Michael knew God in the way that God wanted to be known first: Abba, Dearest Daddy.